Squirrel Dealer

Jank Brews Punts

8 Ball

   by thirteene
format tier construction
manacolor manacolor 
$385.55 100.69 TIX
mythic:2 rare:40
Ball Lightning_picture
Collected Company_picture
4$1.680.14 TIX
4$4.050.02 TIX
4$6.070.00 TIX
3$2.920.71 TIX
4$2.350.00 TIX
4$2.440.38 TIX
4$16.2612.46 TIX
3$1.160.35 TIX
4$6.821.53 TIX
2$15.160.35 TIX
4$8.780.74 TIX
1$0.290.01 TIX
4$18.970.02 TIX
4$10.043.68 TIX
1$12.643.22 TIX
4$0.950.00 TIX
4$0.240.03 TIX
3$2.844.68 TIX
2$0.130.03 TIX
2$3.341.74 TIX

This deck was actually a ton of fun, and looks like it has real legs if you build it properly. The power of hasty 12 trample damage off a [[Collected Company]] or 24 off a [[Living End]] if definitely modern power level. There is a surprising amount of interaction going for this deck for being all in on dropping a couple beaters.

Definitely going to be taking out he [[Manamorphose]], it just didn't do anything because our mana base is all dual lands. Going all in on the combo will give the deck more interaction and late game power, definitely need to go up to 4 [[Electrodominance]] and 4 [[Living End]]. [[Electrodominance]] adds timing restrictions and removal to help enable our game plan and [[Bloodbraid Elf]] will cascade into [[Living End]] for powerful plays.

[[Hellspark Elemental]] performed admirably as the baby [[Ball Lightning]], [[Vexing Devil]] will pair well if we need to go up to 4 [[Pelt Collectors]].

As far as sideboarding; [[Guttural Response]] needs to be less of, [[Ancient Grudge]] is likely covered by [[Destructive Revelry]]. [[Warlord's Fury]] came in as a replacement for [[Manamorphose]], but could easily be [[Atarka's Command]].