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Jank Brews Punts

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   by thirteene
format tier construction
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$789.65 134.91 TIX
mythic:5 rare:36
Tooth and Nail_picture
Growth Spiral_picture
1$0.280.01 TIX
4$0.310.04 TIX
2$36.058.95 TIX
1$16.000.44 TIX
1$24.776.83 TIX
1$14.136.22 TIX
2$4.011.20 TIX
1$2.760.00 TIX
4$0.200.00 TIX
4$18.690.35 TIX
3$1.690.16 TIX
4$0.260.04 TIX
4$3.860.64 TIX
1$0.000.00 TIX
1$4.200.00 TIX
1$3.340.22 TIX
1$9.990.46 TIX
4$0.420.00 TIX
4$15.635.01 TIX
4$23.705.67 TIX
4$67.007.95 TIX
4$12.531.32 TIX
1$9.001.26 TIX
2$0.090.01 TIX
1$0.080.01 TIX
4$8.983.09 TIX
2$4.500.59 TIX
2$0.140.00 TIX
3$0.200.03 TIX
1$0.090.01 TIX
1$2.760.00 TIX
2$0.280.07 TIX

An amazing showing for a stupid idea. It turns out that you can play a lot of lands and draw a lot of cards, this is the closest to pure green I think you can get into modern. Ramp into big dumb things, I do feel like [[Tooth and Nail]] was a good starting place for this deck, but I dont know if it was the future. I was amazed by [[Tatyova, Benthic Druid]]'s power and none of our opponents respected her and then drowned in card advantage.

As always, I want more interaction from my janky decks, and this one is pretty linear, just make land drops and play things. We had a range of threats and it was hard for opponent to make us stumble. The [[Simic Growth Chamber]] felt like the weakest card in the deck causing us to lose momentum or games. [[Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx]] should likely just be a [[Gemstone Caverns]] as it will speed up the deck significantly on the draw.