Squirrel Dealer

Jank Brews Punts

8 Rack

   by thirteene
format tier construction
manacolor manacolor 
$1214.28 435.16 TIX
mythic:8 rare:39
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Shrieking Affliction_picture
Liliana of the Veil_picture
2$0.270.00 TIX
4$36.4028.94 TIX
4$3.711.65 TIX
3$4.790.14 TIX
3$12.7110.05 TIX
3$20.119.75 TIX
2$0.900.03 TIX
4$0.280.00 TIX
4$66.7513.95 TIX
4$3.742.28 TIX
4$0.500.03 TIX
4$18.2320.55 TIX
2$17.919.44 TIX
4$27.141.20 TIX
2$14.193.87 TIX
1$0.170.01 TIX
6$0.320.01 TIX
4$19.743.51 TIX
1$28.921.00 TIX
2$0.980.61 TIX
4$8.014.52 TIX
4$59.762.61 TIX
2$10.772.92 TIX
2$5.385.05 TIX

Discard and Hand sizes, pretty good combo, although not a super meta deck 8 rack has been a fan favorite for years. Typically trying to do to top decks with discard spells aren't great, but when you punish your opponent for bad draws, 8 Rack will get the job done.

Not very budget and being meta dependent makes this deck difficult to gauge in power level but it can put up results and strain your opponents.