Squirrel Dealer

Jank Brews Punts

Double Walkers

   by thirteene
format tier construction
manacolor manacolor manacolor 
$1191.55 272.34 TIX
mythic:15 rare:37
Doubling Season_picture
Tamiyo, Field Researcher_picture
Jace, Cunning Castaway_picture
4$36.5410.39 TIX
2$7.450.00 TIX
4$0.320.04 TIX
1$8.831.14 TIX
4$10.250.00 TIX
1$2.380.02 TIX
2$5.833.69 TIX
1$36.473.01 TIX
2$2.360.09 TIX
2$8.800.75 TIX
2$2.240.11 TIX
4$4.211.50 TIX
4$54.800.00 TIX
4$50.9127.48 TIX
1$0.000.00 TIX
4$15.693.42 TIX
3$7.210.31 TIX
3$9.191.60 TIX
3$65.187.83 TIX
3$22.856.41 TIX
2$15.912.91 TIX
2$0.110.01 TIX
1$0.160.02 TIX
1$0.130.01 TIX
2$7.192.02 TIX
1$4.050.18 TIX
3$1.110.14 TIX
2$2.990.03 TIX
2$0.200.04 TIX
2$0.130.00 TIX
3$10.169.93 TIX

DO YOU WANT TO SEE DOUBLING SEASON IN MODERN?! I know I do, this deck is so much fun; although your opponents will not like your [[Ensnaring Bridge]]. Do you want your opponents to disconnect because you have infinite planeswalkers? Because that can totally happen on MTGO! Do you want an emblem for [[Omniscience]]? That is completely fair and balanced magic and I want to keep asking hypothetical questions!

You already know if you want to watch this, its an amazing deck and a couple notes would be add [[Field of Ruin]], Up the [[Nissa, Steward of Elements]] and [[Shalai, Voice of Plenty]] count. This deck is weak on its own and you need to run the expensive cards to make it work. This is a fun deck, not a competitive one.