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Hapatra Blowfly

   by thirteene
format tier construction
manacolor manacolor 
$728.50 187.76 TIX
mythic:0 rare:43
Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons_picture
Blowfly Infestation_picture
Devoted Druid_picture
4$0.480.02 TIX
4$6.070.00 TIX
2$5.670.00 TIX
4$1.330.06 TIX
4$1.260.04 TIX
3$27.197.03 TIX
1$0.250.03 TIX
2$3.930.00 TIX
2$4.050.02 TIX
2$9.770.06 TIX
1$4.260.99 TIX
4$16.2612.46 TIX
3$4.950.38 TIX
3$3.530.03 TIX
1$0.430.03 TIX
4$10.921.85 TIX
3$3.020.18 TIX
2$12.643.22 TIX
4$56.529.85 TIX
2$18.295.51 TIX
2$0.330.01 TIX
3$0.290.01 TIX
3$0.830.28 TIX
3$0.900.23 TIX
1$29.070.87 TIX
1$4.260.99 TIX
3$18.709.01 TIX
4$7.824.66 TIX

A lot of people are familiar with [[Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons]] and [[Blowfly Infestation]] being infinite (especially in Commander). But no one has really made a deck with the pieces, I took a stab and despite the fact it requires a lot of permanents to go off, it can do some fun and large things. I would expect this deck to be fringe but have a small meta percentage because it feels flexible and fast. If you are interested in playing it though, you really need to watch the summary at the end to understand some of the intricacies while building and few card selections I messed up on.