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Heartless Gods

   by thirteene
format tier construction
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$795.12 165.14 TIX
mythic:16 rare:37
Heartless Summoning_picture
Hazoret the Fervent_picture
Mogis, God of Slaughter_picture
1$20.682.23 TIX
3$7.642.72 TIX
1$1.910.49 TIX
1$8.581.10 TIX
1$7.690.86 TIX
2$5.480.48 TIX
1$2.030.06 TIX
1$0.890.03 TIX
1$10.220.86 TIX
4$6.323.11 TIX
4$0.480.00 TIX
2$29.070.87 TIX
2$16.217.93 TIX
2$4.950.38 TIX
4$2.440.38 TIX
3$4.030.02 TIX
4$1.980.02 TIX
1$14.253.40 TIX
4$56.529.85 TIX
2$10.921.85 TIX
3$10.043.68 TIX
1$0.290.01 TIX
2$0.210.01 TIX
4$18.295.51 TIX
2$0.330.01 TIX
4$26.881.01 TIX
1$29.070.87 TIX
3$0.900.23 TIX
2$0.400.06 TIX
2$5.314.61 TIX
2$0.080.02 TIX
4$7.824.66 TIX
1$2.844.68 TIX

God Tribal! Even my opponents wanted this to be good. The synergy just makes sense, expensive gods, indestructible, powerful effects. But they just dont do enough on their own to try to make it work. The backbone of the deck is [[Lightning Bolt]], [[Faithless Looting]], [[Collective Brutality]] and it carried games, but the finishers left so much to be desired.

Beyond playing this at fnm, you wont do very well. Too much needs to go right and modern is too fast and powerful. [[Hazoret the Fervent]] is a great card, and very good at 2 mana, but forcing [[Heartless Summoning]] wont fix any of the other gods enough to require a 2 card combo.