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Izzet Miracles

   by thirteene
format tier construction
manacolor manacolor 
$824.93 239.82 TIX
mythic:12 rare:23
Erratic Cyclops_picture
Thunderous Wrath_picture
Devastation Tide_picture
4$0.000.00 TIX
4$2.350.59 TIX
4$0.120.01 TIX
3$2.760.89 TIX
4$0.140.05 TIX
4$0.120.01 TIX
2$5.490.00 TIX
4$9.211.42 TIX
2$2.190.33 TIX
2$0.090.01 TIX
2$0.700.00 TIX
2$114.3054.65 TIX
8$0.080.01 TIX
4$13.191.51 TIX
4$92.7917.97 TIX
3$0.110.01 TIX
4$3.520.32 TIX
3$16.447.94 TIX
3$0.380.01 TIX
2$4.305.12 TIX
1$2.760.89 TIX
4$2.880.04 TIX
2$6.822.18 TIX

Home Brew off the Legacy deck based around [[Vial Smasher the Fierce]]. This deck is right on the fringe of playable. Better mulligans may have won a couple games that we lost, but we ended up putting up a fight in every game we lost. [[Erratic Cyclops]] is potentially 1 mana too much to be playable in modern, but with massive effects and always threatening to turn around matches with a draw this deck has a lot of gas.

As mentioned in the video, we need more fetchlands to abuse [[Jace, the Mind Sculptor]] and [[Delver of Secrets // Insectile Aberration]]. [[Bonfire of the Damned]] should probably be a 4 of because of the interaction between {X}{X} in the actual CMC and the ability to just end creature strategies. Interacting isnt productive for [[Erratic Cyclops]] on your turn, so we likely need a real sideboard. I would also want to look into the Shoal cycle because you can likely create your own [[Blazing Shoal]] (banned in modern). I may want to look into [[Progenitus]] with the shoals as an easy way to cheese out 10 more damage. [[Delver of Secrets]] carried the deck and I would love to have more. Knowledge + a tempo threat is everything you want in this deck.