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Jund Ascension

   by thirteene
format tier construction
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$774.23 217.08 TIX
mythic:4 rare:46
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Assassin's Trophy_picture
2$6.323.11 TIX
4$6.070.00 TIX
2$4.880.24 TIX
4$8.466.19 TIX
4$0.480.00 TIX
4$6.821.53 TIX
4$2.440.38 TIX
4$18.709.01 TIX
4$0.980.01 TIX
2$16.646.24 TIX
2$8.780.74 TIX
1$59.6812.07 TIX
1$0.210.01 TIX
1$12.643.22 TIX
1$14.253.40 TIX
2$0.330.01 TIX
4$18.295.51 TIX
4$56.529.85 TIX
2$10.921.85 TIX
3$10.043.68 TIX
3$0.290.01 TIX
3$0.320.03 TIX
4$7.824.66 TIX
2$2.520.65 TIX
4$10.583.13 TIX
2$3.040.23 TIX

Do you like casting spells and playing a bad version of a good deck? Jund Ascension might be right for you! Basically we traded out the strong creatures that apply pressure to our opponents, and the discard spells that slow them down for bulky removal spells.

10 [[Abrupt Decay]]s are too many, I knew that going in but it was apparent when we had a full hand and couldn't do anything to the board state. Some strong finishers are required to actually close out the game and the couple we had just weren't enough. [[Hazoret the Fervent]] did really well when we weren't drawing cards, but [[Vraska, Golgari Queen]] just didn't do enough to impact the board. We played against a lot of disruptive decks and some of them had mainboard graveyard hate making it very had to make [[Pyromancer Ascension]] work.

Despite its issues, it was a ton of fun going off and a couple of our opponents complimented the deck because its doing something very out of color. [[Lightning Bolt]] and [[Assassin's Trophy]] are very good cards, but the shell is significantly better in stock Jund.