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Jund Lands

   by thirteene
format tier construction
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$879.27 285.26 TIX
mythic:6 rare:52
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2$4.270.06 TIX
3$13.268.40 TIX
3$5.314.61 TIX
2$28.951.90 TIX
4$6.070.00 TIX
2$2.350.00 TIX
4$18.709.01 TIX
2$20.127.71 TIX
4$2.440.38 TIX
3$9.243.05 TIX
1$3.730.38 TIX
2$1.050.22 TIX
1$17.160.80 TIX
1$51.9421.00 TIX
2$0.360.02 TIX
4$8.780.74 TIX
3$10.043.68 TIX
1$0.330.01 TIX
2$0.290.01 TIX
4$18.295.51 TIX
3$1.330.00 TIX
2$56.529.85 TIX
1$1.640.09 TIX
2$20.374.62 TIX
1$14.253.40 TIX
1$0.210.01 TIX
2$2.140.06 TIX
2$2.600.48 TIX
4$7.824.66 TIX
2$13.5912.13 TIX
3$35.558.87 TIX
2$6.109.21 TIX

Jund Land Destruction, video starts off slow, but honestly deserved it when the game plan is to [[Ghost Quarter]] your opponent out of the game. I don't want to call this Jund, it has some pieces, its the color identity but this deck is a dredge/ponza/jund hybrid that absolutely just wants to destroy your opponents hope slowly. But who doesn't love land destruction? Obviously I had to add some control elements and showed the power of correctly building your land base and packing silver bullets for the correct matchups.