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Jund Lands

   by thirteene
format tier construction
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$1139.59 341.51 TIX
mythic:6 rare:52
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2$3.450.03 TIX
3$8.983.09 TIX
3$6.194.91 TIX
2$33.870.86 TIX
4$6.650.00 TIX
2$2.370.00 TIX
4$10.225.86 TIX
2$11.703.94 TIX
4$2.760.89 TIX
3$11.479.22 TIX
1$3.860.10 TIX
2$0.440.18 TIX
1$16.431.09 TIX
1$43.6519.04 TIX
2$0.310.01 TIX
4$22.181.54 TIX
3$9.001.26 TIX
1$0.070.01 TIX
2$0.090.01 TIX
4$23.705.67 TIX
3$1.760.00 TIX
2$73.208.93 TIX
1$1.350.02 TIX
2$26.455.28 TIX
1$9.161.18 TIX
1$0.110.01 TIX
2$2.820.93 TIX
2$3.422.49 TIX
4$45.387.63 TIX
2$18.4325.97 TIX
3$49.3626.20 TIX
2$4.011.20 TIX

Jund Land Destruction, video starts off slow, but honestly deserved it when the game plan is to [[Ghost Quarter]] your opponent out of the game. I don't want to call this Jund, it has some pieces, its the color identity but this deck is a dredge/ponza/jund hybrid that absolutely just wants to destroy your opponents hope slowly. But who doesn't love land destruction? Obviously I had to add some control elements and showed the power of correctly building your land base and packing silver bullets for the correct matchups.