Squirrel Dealer

Jank Brews Punts

Living Twin

   by thirteene
format tier construction
manacolor manacolor 
$872.34 151.54 TIX
mythic:9 rare:28
Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker_picture
Living End_picture
Izzet Charm_picture
3$11.660.97 TIX
4$0.340.00 TIX
1$0.380.01 TIX
4$2.811.61 TIX
3$3.901.82 TIX
3$5.180.42 TIX
3$0.340.02 TIX
4$28.370.75 TIX
2$9.324.20 TIX
3$2.030.75 TIX
4$1.000.76 TIX
3$11.890.92 TIX
2$18.068.33 TIX
4$89.1615.77 TIX
4$13.381.01 TIX
2$22.856.41 TIX
1$65.187.83 TIX
4$0.160.02 TIX
2$0.130.01 TIX
3$2.660.09 TIX
1$0.490.02 TIX
3$0.200.04 TIX
2$2.690.69 TIX
2$1.910.05 TIX
2$0.130.00 TIX
2$8.402.82 TIX
1$7.031.00 TIX
2$0.240.01 TIX
1$1.310.03 TIX

Living Twin was a bit of a dissapointment. It felt like it had all the pieces that it needed but unfortunately had no plan B. Plan A required the graveyard and if you took too long to go off, the soft counters really showed weakness. A build like this needs to be all in on the gameplan unlike OG twin it was unable to run a tempo gameplan for B and relied too heavily on [[Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker]] to hard cast at a relevant time.

I still feel like UR Living End is a suboptimal build of Goryo's As Foretold and there may be a home for UR Living Twin but it is not a tempo control shell. This deck just didnt do anything relevant when it wasnt going off.