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Martyr Proc

   by thirteene
format tier construction
$230.37 55.81 TIX
mythic:2 rare:27
Martyr of Sands_picture
Serra Ascendant_picture
Proclamation of Rebirth_picture
4$1.850.21 TIX
4$6.441.14 TIX
4$0.140.04 TIX
4$8.111.13 TIX
1$20.1911.24 TIX
4$0.730.03 TIX
1$0.150.03 TIX
4$0.170.04 TIX
1$8.502.28 TIX
4$9.400.00 TIX
1$6.760.08 TIX
1$5.920.43 TIX
1$2.210.02 TIX
1$17.160.80 TIX
1$0.270.00 TIX
1$0.370.03 TIX
2$0.830.04 TIX
4$1.330.00 TIX
4$3.020.18 TIX
12$0.110.01 TIX
1$6.190.85 TIX
1$0.520.09 TIX
2$4.940.54 TIX
3$0.420.04 TIX
2$0.900.23 TIX
2$0.720.57 TIX
3$4.597.22 TIX
2$3.122.11 TIX

Martyr Proc is definitely my favorite budget deck. Nicknamed "White Jund" it has the ability to grind out the opponent to the late stages of the game, while having explosive starts capable of killing on turn 4 kills with good draws. You also get the ability to run strong cards like [[Path to Exile]], [[Thalia, Guardian of Thraben]] and [[Wrath of God]].

Some of the deck choices are directly related to the card [[Meddling Mage]]. Functionally, some of the cards do the exact same thing, and there are budget versions of a couple of the hate cards on the pricey end.

Deck upgrade paths are very real, you can expand into Death and Taxes, Humans, or UW taxes, but this deck is competitive enough for FNM as is and has a ton of lines to keep play interesting.