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Naya Soul Sisters

   by thirteene
format tier construction
manacolor manacolor manacolor 
$724.77 197.39 TIX
mythic:4 rare:38
Soul Warden_picture
Soul's Attendant_picture
Ajani's Pridemate_picture
1$0.000.01 TIX
2$1.480.04 TIX
2$2.960.00 TIX
3$4.990.01 TIX
1$25.140.89 TIX
4$1.560.06 TIX
3$13.7114.02 TIX
2$11.521.41 TIX
4$0.390.02 TIX
2$15.401.49 TIX
4$0.090.01 TIX
4$10.250.00 TIX
2$1.040.02 TIX
3$0.380.00 TIX
1$0.130.01 TIX
1$0.000.00 TIX
3$0.130.01 TIX
4$39.996.08 TIX
2$15.693.42 TIX
1$7.210.31 TIX
4$50.4217.63 TIX
1$26.355.44 TIX
1$10.712.69 TIX
4$8.340.38 TIX
2$2.980.64 TIX
1$0.000.00 TIX
2$2.650.62 TIX
3$10.169.93 TIX
1$0.530.01 TIX
2$0.000.00 TIX
2$7.192.02 TIX
2$0.300.04 TIX

Do you love triggers? how about triggers from triggers on triggers? Soul Sisters is multiple synergistic effects and can be built on a budget for all the funzies. The manabase is pretty much all of the cost. First considerations to tweak is no [[Goblin Bushwhacker]] Double red is awkward and [[Impact Tremors]] does what you want it to, works better with [[Norin the Wary]] and gets around hate pieces easier. Norin and [[Genesis Chamber]] are the key combo piece, should be 4 ofs despite the fact that you dont want to see multiples. That may make room for filtering along the lines of [[Faithless Looting]].