Squirrel Dealer

Jank Brews Punts

Owling Mine

   by thirteene
format tier construction
manacolor manacolor 
$793.29 190.59 TIX
mythic:4 rare:33
Howling Mine_picture
Ebony Owl Netsuke_picture
Fevered Visions_picture
4$3.241.10 TIX
1$5.911.14 TIX
4$5.180.42 TIX
4$1.150.04 TIX
2$26.888.26 TIX
4$0.100.03 TIX
4$0.000.04 TIX
3$0.130.00 TIX
3$0.330.04 TIX
4$3.530.00 TIX
2$1.000.00 TIX
4$0.510.01 TIX
1$0.970.03 TIX
1$2.070.22 TIX
1$22.856.41 TIX
3$89.1615.77 TIX
3$13.381.01 TIX
2$2.660.09 TIX
8$0.160.02 TIX
2$7.940.60 TIX
4$64.0124.21 TIX
2$1.380.06 TIX
3$12.020.59 TIX
2$2.690.35 TIX
2$3.433.71 TIX
2$0.700.00 TIX

Another meme deck, it is modern group hug, that works right? Eventually you will break parity with [[Runeflare Trap]] and get a couple good laughs. This deck is fine for fun, but the sideboard needs some love. I would highly recommend if you want to see more of this deck to check out Jeff Hooglands site, he runs this a lot and he has basically taken the deck and made it his own.