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Pauper Elves

   by thirteene
format tier construction
manacolor manacolor 
$77.24 25.78 TIX
mythic:0 rare:0
Timberwatch Elf_picture
Distant Melody_picture
Priest of Titania_picture
3$0.210.00 TIX
4$0.680.00 TIX
2$0.210.00 TIX
2$0.160.00 TIX
4$0.430.00 TIX
1$0.000.04 TIX
2$0.260.84 TIX
3$1.310.00 TIX
4$0.490.12 TIX
4$4.250.00 TIX
4$3.072.43 TIX
4$0.560.00 TIX
4$1.520.04 TIX
4$0.220.00 TIX
1$0.230.04 TIX
1$2.952.34 TIX
12$0.290.01 TIX
1$0.420.01 TIX
2$1.222.32 TIX
1$0.100.04 TIX
2$2.952.34 TIX
1$0.890.04 TIX
2$2.170.85 TIX
3$0.570.03 TIX
2$0.530.00 TIX
2$1.510.00 TIX

Elves in Pauper is an established deck with a lot of power to it. You get a ton of advantage from the fact that there are no Wrath effects in modern and can go tall and go wide. As long as you can counter delvers fliers and survive [[Electrickery]] you will typically be able to put up a fight and do very powerful things.

Elves has a soft spot in my heart as a deck from when I was a kid. This deck transitions very easily into modern and legacy with a few changes (Cradle is expensive!) but has a lot of lines and interesting play to it. For $15 to buy into Magic Online this is my recommended Pauper deck. Unfortunately the pieces dont transition well, but if you don't enjoy the play, you can just trade to a bot and be out a few bucks. This deck is also how I started on MTGO and I am still playing it today.