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Sun and Moon Prision

   by thirteene
format tier construction
manacolor manacolor 
$636.06 178.29 TIX
mythic:14 rare:31
Blood Moon_picture
Elspeth, Sun's Champion_picture
Ensnaring Bridge_picture
4$2.760.64 TIX
3$1.230.03 TIX
4$0.690.07 TIX
3$2.844.68 TIX
2$0.000.00 TIX
1$2.500.02 TIX
2$0.420.04 TIX
3$20.267.85 TIX
4$35.558.87 TIX
2$3.122.11 TIX
4$10.583.13 TIX
1$0.370.03 TIX
1$0.000.33 TIX
1$0.650.00 TIX
4$50.8410.73 TIX
6$0.110.01 TIX
6$0.210.01 TIX
4$6.102.26 TIX
2$4.100.16 TIX
3$27.221.33 TIX
2$0.320.03 TIX
2$0.900.23 TIX
2$3.122.11 TIX
2$4.940.54 TIX
3$4.597.22 TIX
2$0.720.57 TIX
2$0.420.04 TIX

Sun and Moon Prision is an interesting variation on prison decks. Aside from being a prison player it does have the ability to play interesting cards that other decks cant play. Despite high buy in price, none of the cards of value like [[Ensnaring Bridge]] or [[Chalice of the Void]] are going anywhere. They all have value in modern and other formats.

The Power of this deck comes from the same power that Free Win Red (Big Red) Decks already have. Decks in the meta cannot beat a t1 [[Blood Moon]], many strategies cannot beat [[Ensnaring Bridge]] and most importantly most decks cannot beat a resolved [[Elspeth Sun's Champion]] or [[Chandra, Torch of Defiance]] especially with any of the lock pieces out. [[Chalice of the Void]] may not be in the best position at the moment but it is still a very powerful magic card. Adding White to the deck gives you the strongest hate cards post boarding also giving huge advantages to linear strategies like dredge and affinity.