Squirrel Dealer

Jank Brews Punts

Training Familiar

   by thirteene
format tier construction
manacolor manacolor manacolor 
$617.31 152.83 TIX
mythic:1 rare:35
Training Grounds_picture
Umbral Mantle_picture
Izzet Guildmage_picture
1$20.1911.24 TIX
1$18.855.87 TIX
4$0.470.06 TIX
4$0.290.87 TIX
4$6.070.00 TIX
4$6.821.53 TIX
3$3.420.18 TIX
4$2.440.38 TIX
4$2.600.74 TIX
4$7.350.03 TIX
4$23.790.13 TIX
4$8.780.74 TIX
2$19.157.10 TIX
4$9.609.13 TIX
1$0.290.01 TIX
1$0.420.01 TIX
3$0.770.34 TIX
3$59.6812.07 TIX
1$0.210.01 TIX
1$12.762.31 TIX
1$10.043.68 TIX
2$18.295.51 TIX
4$0.170.04 TIX
1$0.260.00 TIX
2$2.844.68 TIX
3$0.250.04 TIX
2$0.670.04 TIX
3$2.170.85 TIX

This deck is gas, we dont need Emrakul, we dont need 4 umbral mantles but the ability to grind out with [[Izzet Guildmage]] is amazing. Seeing as how our deck is creature based, we can add [[Collected Company]] to dig for pieces and [[Dispel]] Mainboard to ensure they stay alive. Guildmage can copy CoCo and just drown our opponents in value. This deck should be on the watch list as it will pretty easily become Tier 2.