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WB Life Matters

   by thirteene
format tier construction
manacolor manacolor 
$835.76 176.52 TIX
mythic:0 rare:49
Death's Shadow_picture
Adanto Vanguard_picture
Timely Reinforcements_picture
4$11.862.32 TIX
4$2.551.04 TIX
4$0.160.04 TIX
1$0.380.01 TIX
3$0.880.25 TIX
3$1.960.04 TIX
4$10.250.00 TIX
2$12.134.37 TIX
4$16.2511.77 TIX
2$0.150.01 TIX
2$3.030.01 TIX
2$2.975.35 TIX
2$4.180.35 TIX
1$1.150.09 TIX
4$12.721.42 TIX
4$43.005.16 TIX
4$1.030.00 TIX
1$25.998.66 TIX
1$65.6312.46 TIX
1$0.120.01 TIX
1$22.856.41 TIX
1$15.693.42 TIX
4$4.091.00 TIX
1$0.130.01 TIX
4$19.031.25 TIX
2$8.020.28 TIX
2$1.110.14 TIX
4$26.409.26 TIX
3$10.850.00 TIX

SPOILER Bad decks are bad. BW in modern is in a disappointing place, the best variant of this deck is likely BW Superfriends and it only is relevant when [[[Wrath of God]] and [[Damnation]] have text. We take the tempo plan of [[Death's Shadow]] and try to add a grinding element to the top end. That was easily putting this deck in a bad place to start. The times this deck did what it was supposed to was a turn 2 [[Adanto Vanguard]], turn 3 [[Death's Shadow]] but had no backup like Grixis does. Proper card selection with [[Surgical Extraction]] may have helped in the matches we played but this deck needs more to go off of then [[Timely Reinforcements]] when the weak linear plan doesn't work.