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WB Life Matters

   by thirteene
format tier construction
manacolor manacolor 
$921.15 164.49 TIX
mythic:0 rare:49
Death's Shadow_picture
Adanto Vanguard_picture
Timely Reinforcements_picture
4$16.722.24 TIX
4$2.350.59 TIX
4$0.140.04 TIX
1$0.360.01 TIX
3$0.840.25 TIX
3$1.860.04 TIX
4$9.190.00 TIX
2$14.767.04 TIX
4$14.208.68 TIX
2$0.140.01 TIX
2$3.440.01 TIX
2$3.464.13 TIX
2$4.230.20 TIX
1$0.920.02 TIX
4$10.661.04 TIX
4$41.593.80 TIX
4$1.130.00 TIX
1$26.455.28 TIX
1$73.208.93 TIX
1$0.070.01 TIX
1$25.135.29 TIX
1$15.635.01 TIX
4$3.401.18 TIX
1$0.060.01 TIX
4$22.843.64 TIX
2$8.380.36 TIX
2$0.760.05 TIX
4$45.387.63 TIX
3$10.150.00 TIX

SPOILER Bad decks are bad. BW in modern is in a disappointing place, the best variant of this deck is likely BW Superfriends and it only is relevant when [[[Wrath of God]] and [[Damnation]] have text. We take the tempo plan of [[Death's Shadow]] and try to add a grinding element to the top end. That was easily putting this deck in a bad place to start. The times this deck did what it was supposed to was a turn 2 [[Adanto Vanguard]], turn 3 [[Death's Shadow]] but had no backup like Grixis does. Proper card selection with [[Surgical Extraction]] may have helped in the matches we played but this deck needs more to go off of then [[Timely Reinforcements]] when the weak linear plan doesn't work.