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Wasteful Wheels

   by thirteene
format tier construction
manacolor manacolor 
$683.49 147.06 TIX
mythic:3 rare:50
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Wheel of Fate_picture
Reforge the Soul_picture
4$2.630.06 TIX
1$18.855.87 TIX
4$0.520.43 TIX
2$0.430.03 TIX
4$0.480.00 TIX
3$4.730.00 TIX
4$1.160.35 TIX
2$16.217.93 TIX
4$1.870.03 TIX
4$4.360.00 TIX
4$5.370.00 TIX
2$10.583.13 TIX
1$72.3211.59 TIX
4$0.330.01 TIX
3$0.210.01 TIX
2$56.529.85 TIX
4$26.881.01 TIX
3$20.374.62 TIX
2$18.295.51 TIX
3$14.253.40 TIX
2$5.314.61 TIX
2$20.267.85 TIX
2$0.080.02 TIX
3$0.900.23 TIX
4$7.824.66 TIX
2$4.950.38 TIX

I want [[Waste Not]] to be good, but it isnt. We got wrecked with this deck. The major concern is that [[Wheel of Fortune]] gives your opponents 7 cards as well. Each opponent had a way to punish us for giving them 7 cards very quickly meaning that the next time we would wheel them, they would only discard 2-4 cards. [[Notion Thief]] is likely the best card to pair with [[Wheel of Fortune]] effects, your opponent would discard their hand and you would draw 14. The top end of this deck was very cute. [[Hollow One]] can be cut, [[Demigod of Revenge]] can be cut. They just didnt have enough payoff for the other half of the deck to not be effective enough.