Squirrel Dealer

Jank Brews Punts

Scryfall Cheatsheet


Title contains SquirrelSquirrel
Converted Mana Cost = 1cmc=1
Mana Cost contains mana={g}
Mana Cost contains mana:{c}
Commander Identity is Jundid<=jund
Oracle Text Contains Squirrel Tokeno:'1/1 green squirrel'
Typeline contains Goatt:goat
Power is greater than 10pow>10
Toughness is equal to 8toughness=8
Printed in Modern Horizonsset:mh1
Flavor Text Contains Urzaft:Urza
Izzet Watermarkwm:izzet
Art by Noah Bradleya:'noah bradley'
Split Cardsis:split
All Unique Art for Counterspellcounterspell unique:art
Legal in the Modern Formatf:modern
Reserved List Cardsis:reserved
Archenemy Schemest:scheme
Planeschase Planest:plane
Costs more than $100usd>100
Costs less than $1 on MTGOtix<1

Common Queries

Legendary Creatures legal in Commandert:creature t:legendary f:commander
Creatures that can be hit by cococmc<4 t:creature f:modern
Triggered Abilities(o:whenever or o:at or o:when)
Alot of Keywordso:'first strike' o:lifelink o:deathtouch o:flying o:trample o:vigilance
Special Mana Symbols(mana:{G/P} or mana:{2/G} or (c:g and is:hybrid))

Complex Queries

Cards printed since theros
worth more than 5 dollars
that are not promos
date>ths usd>5 -is:promo
Rakdos commander cards with a
1997 border or masterpiece
and is available in foil
id<=rakdos (frame=1997 or st:masterpiece) is:foil f:commander
Gburns Mono B
Cards in Russian
With Old Borders
id<=black lang=rus is:old'
Mana Dorks and Filterso:{t} o:add o:{g} cmc=1 t:creature
Commonly used manabases(is:dual or is:fetchland or is:shockland or is:fastland or is:checkland)
Modern Legal cards worth more than $20format:modern usd>20 -is:promo
Squirrel EDH Deck
Color Identity Bant Either
A: Oracle Text contains token, but not nontoken
Has squirrel in the name, or oracle text
B: Has an enter the battlefield effect
C: Contains the text without paying it's mana cost
The rarity is not common
it is not a land>
((o:token and -o:nontoken) or (squirrel or o:squirrel) or
o:'enters the battlefield' or 'without paying it's mana cost')
-r:c -t:land